Why on 🌎 would I start Explorator?

Why on 🌎 would I start Explorator?

Is it risky? Yes; Is it hard? Yes; Would it fail miserably? Could be; Is it still worth it? Definitely.

As you may know already, I started a new venture named Explorator Technology (Explorator), with a mission of bringing technological advancement to everyone.

Some of you might be thinking why this guy do something like this? Isn't it too risky? Why doesn't he go for a stable job for some more work experience first? Or at least wait until graduation?

Let me explain!

1. Realizing my purpose

For the past couple of years, I always felt like something inside me is missing, but I didn't know exactly what it is.

My thinking is that if I put time into what I like to do, I might be able to find out the missing part eventually. So I started freelancing, went to different events, started writing, and travelling.

During my trip to the UK, I came to realize that my purpose is to do something good for this world, not for the sake of money, not for public recognition, but to give back and help others.

2. "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

In the past couple of months, I keep thinking about what can I do to fulfill my purpose of bringing good to everyone. Throughout my time at BiteSite and working as a freelancer, my vision of the world of tomorrow is getting more vivid day by day.

I envision this world is a place of kindness and that everyone is lifted and inspired by each other. Where open-mindedness is encouraged, and all of us are urged to explore the possibilities of our own. We are all working as a team through triumph and setbacks while having fun at the same time.

This is why I am here to make the change, Explorator means more than just a company, it represents a harmony and a vision of this world.

3. Support from you all 💪

The support I received before and, after I start Explorator is enormous, I can't stress enough how grateful I am to have you all in my life!!

Hence, I would dedicate this section to those who helped me starting Explorator.

  1. Family

    My family are always being incredibly supportive of what I want to do, from letting me come all the way to Canada six years ago and then starting my own venture. They never doubting my capabilities and only reminding me to learn and grow.

    Without them, I wouldn't be able to set foot here in Canada or even be able to write this post.

    I appreciate everything my parents do for me, my younger sister and brother. It is nothing but the hard work of our parents who made a lot of sacrifices to get us here, and the least we can do is never forget this.

  1. Friends (sorted by magic only)

    2.1     Ashar

    We both always wanted to start a new venture since the first day we met (pretty sure that's how we clicked, don't tell anyone if it's not). What we have been through definitely give me a better perspective of how to start Explorator.

    2.2     Oscar

    Then it comes Oscar, my high school & robotic team friend (not a robot), he started a tutoring company in Sydney a year ago. He reached out to me one-day saying "Yo, are you interested in building software for us since you have been doing freelancing?"

    Then that's the Aha moment for me to start a business, without his support and entrepreneurial advice, Explorator is nothing but only a dream.

    2.3     Juan

    Juan began as one of our web development 101 trainees, and throughout our training he shown me passion and drive for whatever he does.

    Now he's officially a part of our team, taking care of our daily operations. His excellent work has blown me away every time.

    Glad to have him on board, to make Explorator possible!

    2.4     Yuhan & Franko & their gang

    Because of your feedback and support, we have adjusted and recruited some exciting people! You guys rock!

  1. BiteSite

    Before I started my co-op term at BiteSite last fall, I have no professional software development experience. Only my entry-level project management and development knowledge.

    Casey, founder and CEO of BiteSite, put in a significant amount of his time on tutoring me and giving me countless advice on entrepreneurship, career, and life in general.

    During my time there, I kept bringing up ideas related to my future goals, and he has always been so supportive, sometimes even getting more excited than me. Because of his advice, we were able to start Explorator right now and not three years later.

    My time at BiteSite lead me to a realization that it's possible to learn, grow and have fun at the same time, and that's the culture we are building in Explorator.

    Congrats🎉 on winning the Employer of the year award!!


  1. Freelancing Clients

    Justin, Patrick, and Josette have been my freelancing clients and when I brought up the idea of starting this company, asking them would it be okay for them to transfer our projects under Explorator. They all said yes without skipping a beat!! .

    Without your support, starting this company would have been more challenging.

    4.1     Justin

    You are my most extended client, right from the first day of my freelancing career. Your understanding is invaluable to me, and I accumulated most of my development knowledge through our project.

    Thanks for your longtime support!

    4.2     Josette & Patrick

    I appreciate the opportunity of letting me develop OptionStorage. The mission of this company is much inspired by the work you guys do at Haiti. Make me want to give back to where I am from!

    Check out all the meaningful works that they do at Haiti here.

  1. Web training group

    Before Explorator came into existence, I started a web development 101 training program for people who are interested in web development.

    The early members Juan, Daniel, Runnan, Yashar, you all inspired me to started Explorator, enabling me to see how much value I can give to people who are eager to learn.

    I sincerely hope that you all will thrive in the software industry!

  1. Everyone who knows me

    I know I am not the most "normal" person, sometimes I do wild things and weird stuff, but you all chose to stick around. Embracing my personality and thoughts, which gives me an enormous amount of courage to go after what I want.

    Thanks for being awesome!

For me, there is no better time than right now to start Explorator. I understand that this is not easy, it might even take years to stabilize, but we are committed to make this a reality.

As long as we are inspiring and supporting others, Explorator did what it is created for.

Explorator may not be the most successful company in the world, but it will definitely be the most impactful. For us, that's the definition of success.

"勿忘初心"  - To every Explorator.